update on my dad…

my dad is doing much better now. he’s back home and still has some angina (chest pains), but his medication (nitro glycerine tablets) seems to take care of it. it was kind of a crazy week last week, but things are getting back to normal. i’m back home in austin now and dad is back at home in amarillo. i can’t imagine what it’s like to lie in that hospital bed all day every day. it’s got to be really boring at best. dad was lucky in that the nurses, techs, etc. at baptist saint anthony’s hospital in amarillo are all really great, friendly folks, but it still has to stink to be there all that time. it’s good just to get home from the hospital.

this whole thing has made me consider a lot of things in my own life. my dad, his dad, and his dad before him all had heart attacks and my dad’s the only one to survive it. so, i need to start taking care of myself better. the great thing is that there’s all this good info out there on diet, exercise, etc. the big thing now is just to have the discipline to get on a program and stick with it. so, if you see me eating a chicken fried steak, slap me around a little bit. no more cheeseburgers or fries either. it stinks, but i don’t want to be the next one in my family lying in that hospital bed hooked up to all those machines. with a little discipline, i think i can beat the odds. we’ll see.


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