lesbrown   July 14, 2003   No Comments on time=love

had a great day on saturday. a group of gatewayers met at juan in a million for breakfast tacos and then we hit the streets on the east side. we just walked around praying for the neighborhood and got to meet some of the folks there and actually prayed with and for quite a few people who really wanted us to. after that, a smaller group went around and met some of the homeless people in the area. we gave them clean socks and some food and just talked to them for about an hour or so. we found out a lot about what it means to be homeless in austin and what it’s like for these men and women out on the streets. the one thing we keep coming back to is that there are a lot of really great services in place in austin for homeless people. frank, one of the guys we met, said that if you’re homeless in austin and you’re hungry, something is wrong. he’s been out there for a while and he says that if you want to eat, it’s pretty easy to get a good meal at a number of different places around town. they can even get clothes fairly easily.

in talking with these folks, it looks like the number one thing we can do is just to go hang out with them and try to get to know them. frank told me that it was extremely encouraging for us just to come around and see how they’re doing. as we try to plan mission austin and work with these guys, i think that’s going to be the focus. we’ll find ways to get them clothes and food and connect with other folks here in town who can help, but i think our number one goal is going to be to show these guys the love of Christ by spending time with them. just like any other relationship TIME=LOVE.


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