The Story

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The Story

A lot of you have asked for the details on Paul’s interesting journey into this world. So, I’ve written up a little timeline of how everything went down. Yes, this really happened to us (I keep having to tell myself this).

The date is March 7, 2007.

7:30am Desi and I wake up. She mentions that she’s having a few contractions and that I should go ahead and go to work in case we have the baby later and I need to leave early.

8:00am After I shower and get dressed, I start feeding Abbie breakfast and getting her dressed.

8:20am Desi tells me that things are progressing quickly and that we need to get somebody to come pick up Abbie.

8:21am I start calling our list of folks who can watch Abbie.

8:35am I get ahold of Ann Piper, a friend from my high school days and current co-worker at Watermark. She’s not far away and heads over to get Abbie. I pull together the stuff we already had packed for Abbie and get her ready to go.

8:50am Ann arrives at our apartment. I meet her outside and get the car seat put in her car and load up everything. She takes Abbie up to Watermark for a fun day of playing with everyone in our office.

9:01am I call our midwife, Lindsey to let her know that we’re on our way to the hospital. I then take Buster the Boxer out to go potty.

9:14am After returning from taking Buster out, I throw our bags in the car and come back in for Desi. She lets me know that we’re not going to make it to the hospital. Whew! After letting that one sink in, I call 911 and then call Lindsey back. She hunkers down in an exam room with several of her staff listening in and begins to talk me through everything.

I look at Desi and can see that the baby is already crowning. My amazing wife has gotten all the way to this point, basically on her own as I’ve been running around taking care of everything else. Wow! Lindsey tells me to take off my shoes and pull out my shoestrings so I can tie off the umbilical cord. Smart. Then she has me get ready to catch the baby. On Desi’s next push, the head comes out and I can see that the cord is up over his shoulder or possibly around his neck. This freaks me out a ton, but I don’t say anything to Desi because there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.

9:18am On the next push Paul is born and I catch him quite easily and ease him down to the bed. I’m checking him out because of the cord thing but he’s doing fine. I’m talking to him, to Desi, and to Lindsey on the phone (who’s going completely nuts in a happy way) all at the same time. Welcoming him into the world and telling Desi how great he looks and how amazing she is. Lindsey tells me to tie off the cord and get him up next to momma. I do and Paul and Desi lie next to each other covered in blankets until the paramedics arrive a few minutes later.

9:26am After checking out Desi and cutting the cord, the paramedics load us into the ambulance and we head to the hospital. The paramedics are a little freaked out at first but they calm down in the ambulance and it’s actually kind of fun. Sort of like the first time you ever rode in a limo, but different.
By the time we got to the hospital they already knew to expect us and they checked out Desi and Paul and everything was fine. They cleaned up Paul and tended to Desi and we finally got to relax a little.

So, there’s the story in timeline form. I based the times off of my phone logs and a couple of checks of the clock I did along the way. If you’ll notice, Desi’s entire labor was less than two hours in length. Quite amazing. She suffered no complications and didn’t need one stitch or anything like that. Paul also did fine and needed no real intervention at the hospital other than the normal testing and checks that they do for any new baby.
God was totally taking care of this one. We had an amazing peace and great help. We’re extremely blessed and thankful that he allowed us to have our baby at home on our own bed and that everything went so well.
Thanks for all your prayers and congratulations. We’ve enjoyed hearing from you all.




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