lesbrown   January 6, 2009   No Comments on The BIG NEWS

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Much has happened since my last entry. We made it through the holidays somehow, with colds, stomach bugs, etc. but we forged on and made the best of it.  Honestly it was nice to stay home and rest a lot.  We needed it.  But there’s a bigger story to tell than that, so let me cut to the chase.

We are planning to adopt an Ethiopian baby. It’s something we’ve considered off and on for quite a while, but in recent months we’ve gotten a greater sense of urgency about it.  So, we’ve been praying about it, talking to friends, and investigating the possibility.  We’re still in the most preliminary stages and there’s a long “paper pregnancy” ahead of us, but that’s the plan right now.  If everything goes well, we could have our baby home by Christmas of next year.  Weird to think out that far, but that’s about the right length of time.  

Look for more info on this as we get it, but pray for us to have wisdom now as we pick our agency and start the process.  Also, pray that God will provide for us financially.  It’s not an inexpensive thing to adopt but we’re confident that God will provide. 


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