Sweatin’ to the……….whatever

Everyone in the Browns’ home has a sparkly sheen of sweat on right now as our AC went out sometime yesterday.  We’ve had a few problems with it recently and the same poor guy has come out to try and fix it three times.  Fortunately for us, when we bought the house our incredible realtor, John Powell, had us make the sellers include a home warranty in their part of the closing costs.  So, what would have been a $2000 to $3000 replacement cost on the AC unit is going to end up as about $700 out of pocket for us.  Nice.  The way I see it, that home warranty has saved us at least $2000 this year.  Thank you John and Thank You God!  

The only catch to all this is that they can’t get the new AC unit installed until Tuesday.  Whew.   Supposed to hit 98 tomorrow.  Happy Fathers’ Day!


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