pray for my dad…

it’s been a very interesting week. on monday, i got one of those phone calls that everyone dreads. “your dad had a heart attack this morning and he’s in surgery. when can you get here?” i have to say that it was not completely unexpected. my grandfather died of a heart attack at 56 and my dad hasn’t really done much to put the odds against it happening. still, it was a shock. the good thing is that he’s doing much better. they didn’t have to crack him open. angioplasty and a couple of wire-mesh stents were able to open the blockages in his arteries that caused the problem. since then, he’s improved steadily and i expect him to be out of the hospital in a couple of days. still, it was strange to walk into that room and see him lying there, connected to all the equipment, and to see the fear that he had. That’s pretty much over now, but i think the memory will linger.

if you’re reading this, please take a moment to pray for my family and for your own.


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