Making a LifePlan

I’ve been taking stock of my place in life quite a lot recently and realizing that I need to make some changes. I’ve always been pretty easy going and cavalier about life and figured that everything would work out one way or another. In some ways this attitude has served me well. I’m not a real uptight person for the most part and fairly easy to live with – definitely not Mr. Type A Driven Guy at all.

But for all the good that’s come from this laid back look at life, I’ve also missed on some things. I’ve never been much of a planner and that’s been a mistake. I had some general ideas of what I wanted out of life, but nothing really specific. Now, I’m changing that.

I’ve been reading Michael Hyatt’s blog and getting a lot out of it. He offers a free Life Plan ebook if you just sign up to receive daily or weekly email newsletters from him. You can get the book and then cancel your email subscription if you want – though I wouldn’t be quick to cancel if I were you. Regardless, check out his free ebook. It includes everything you need to get your Life Plan started including Word and Excel templates and a great reading list.

I’m working on my plan right now and enjoying it a lot. Let me know what you think about his blog and the Life Plan book if you end up downloading it.


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