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Our vacation to Fort Worth has been really great. The zoo was wonderful. Downtown is really happening and kid friendly at the same time. Definitely has it’s advantages over Dallas. I’d say the trip has been just about perfect and totally memorable But what happened tonight at dinner was something we’ll talk about in our family for years.

We were at Joe T Garcia’s. Unreal place that you should check out if you’re ever in Fort Worth. Anyway, we were sitting next to a middle aged couple with their daughter. She obviously had some special needs. Probably in her mid thirties and functioning at a five year old level. I couldn’t see them but could hear bits of their conversation. They’d been at Disney on Ice and she was wearing a “Flounder” hat which looked like Ariel’s sidekick in Disney’s Little Mermaid. We’d seen lots of little kids wearing them around town today.
So we were eating and they got up to leave. When they did the daughter decided to talk to us a bit. Nothing big. She just said “Hi” and started a conversation. Told her I liked her hat and she put it on my head. The kids laughed. She laughed. Her parents laughed. We sat there and talked with her and them for a couple of minutes. Her name is Chastity. Didn’t catch her parents’ names.
As they were leaving she leaned in and I hugged her and then she hugged Abbie. It was really sweet and no big deal. We just went on with our dinner.
When we were done and the time came for us to pay the bill the waiter came and told me that there would be no charge. Someone had paid our bill. I was dumbfounded.
I can only guess that it was Chastity’s kind parents who paid our bill tonight. I don’t really understand why. Desi and I have talked about it quite a bit this evening. While we are thankful for their kindness we hope that it wasn’t because they don’t experience warmth or kindness when Chastity engages with other people out their I’m the world. We really did nothing special. We treated her like people treat our kids all the time. Maybe that’s unusual for them. I hope not. Chastity is a very sweet lady. Hopefully others see that.

Never forget what a gift kindness is to people. I think we were rewarded somehow for something that didn’t really deserve compensation but you never know how simple acts of kindness will impact people.
We hope that Chastity and her parents get worn out by all the kind acts they experience in the future.


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