Fathers’ Day 2008

Fathers’ Day turned out great this year.  Just how I would have scripted it.  After a great morning at Watermark, we went to lunch at Luna de Noche one of our favorite spots.  Then on home where you might think that having no air conditioning would put a damper on things. Not in the least.  We played outside in our super-shady backyard and then Desi rolled out the presents.  Big surprise.  Luke and Paul got me the full box set of Band of Brothers.  Dudes, this is a must see.  Better than Braveheart IMHO.  Abbie, not wanting to take part in the violent re-creation of manliness in WW2, opted to get me a copy of We Ski for the Wii.  Awesome.  So fun.  I was on my Wii Balance Board carving up powder while it was 88 degrees or more INSIDE the house.  Totally fun.  

After all the presents and the fun outside, we rolled out to Frisco and sat on the grass in the outfield for a RoughRiders game.  Really, really, fun.  

Thanks to Sweet Desi for getting all that together.  It was a great day!


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