lesbrown   April 22, 2003   No Comments on confession

i was visiting a catholic church today and discovered that they no longer call confession confession. they now call it reconciliation. i really don’t know what to think about this from a theological perspective, but my first impression of it is favorable. it seems like saying the same thing only with a more positive spin. “confession” sounds like a real downer, like something most people wouldn’t want to do. on the other hand, “reconciliation” sounds like something anyone would want to do. it’s an interesting change. in fact, that sounds like something that the protestant church wouldn’t feel the need to protest so much. protestants wouldn’t really care to reconcile through a priest, but it would be cool to reconcile with another person, or more specifically share with another person what’s been going on and relate to them your need to reconcile with God. that would be more of an accountability partner sort of thing…very cool.


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